Monday, October 29, 2007

A crazy month!

I have completely been out of Blogosphere cos I have been sooo busy - mostly with work.

First there was the trip to Japan - it was just a 2-day trip. Coupled with the travel, it was a 4 day trip. The day-times were mostly work, but I did manage to catch a bit of Japan by night on the 2 nights I was there. One night, I visited Roppongi (very very happening street) and my colleague and I pub and disc hopped. When we left there to return to our hotel at 2.30 a.m., the place was still bustling with activity. Second night I discovered that Japan (other than Roppongi) is pretty much like Chennai - most places shut at 11.00 and its very hard to get a drink or a bite to eat after that. Anyway luckily, i found that TGIF outlet in Shinagawa, very near to my hotel was open and I stopped to grab a beer and a bite to eat (all by myself this time) and i ended up getting quite smashed with 2 very nice american men from Idaho. I made it back to the hotel and got a couple of hours of sleep and then had to drag myself to the airport to return to India. Thankfully i was booked on business class (my first ever) and Thai Airways really pampers its business class passengers. I even got a complimentary massage....much needed for my aching body.

I flew from Japan to Delhi, got there changed and went to join the rest of my family at my cousin's sangeeth, where I had to dance away quite a part of the night. Most of you who read this blog also read my mom' blog and therefore are already up to speed with the wedding happenings. So i wont re-iterate that....just from my version, I was soo happy to see K, after being away from him for 4 nights!

After getting back from Delhi, I hardly had time to unpack, before I had to repack my bag to go to Mumbai for another work trip. Robi also had to go there on work, so we decided to take K along. We left him at a friend's place on Turner when I went for my meeting. My meeting was unexpectedly delayed and by the time I got back to the friend's place my poor baby was so miserable. [Rohini, if you're reading this, I wish I had your number. I would have loved to visit you and Ayaan. Dont you live in Turner Road or Carter Road?]

Anyway to make up to K, I took the next day off and took him around Mumbai. I showed him my college (GLC- I actually had to collect a certificate from there), then took him to my office in Nariman Point, then for lunch with a friend and to NCPA, colaba causeway and Leopold's Cafe. I desperately wanted to take him for a horse-drawn carriage ride near the Gateway of India - but unfortunately there were no horses to be seen. I finally took him to Robi's office and then together we went to Bowling Co. to meet up with some friends. Unfortunately, K was too tired after his very exciting day and after dinner, we could't show him some bowling as planned.

On getting back to Mumbai, I had one week to catch up on the work that had piled up in the past week. Then I was off to Delhi for 2 whole weeks (again on work). Ofcourse 2 weeks is too long for me to be away from K and vice versa. So I took K along. My aunt and uncle who had been local guardians when I studied in Delhi, were sweet enough to look after K during the day-time when I went for work. K and Ammukka got on like a house on fire, so that was a huge weight off my chest! He had quite a blast. Enjoyed the 2! gardens in their house and all the play with the neighborhood kids!

From Delhi it was straight to Bangalore to meet up with Appa and Amma who had come there to visit Vini (my cousin) - luckily on a social trip and not a work trip, but none the less hectic.

After getting back I had a fairly peaceful week (just normal work pressure), although as a grand finale to my crazy month, I got severe food poisoning and am now on antibiotics. I only hope that this means I have lost some weight. I really need it, since I have not had the chance to go to the gym due to my recent NRC status (Non Resident Chennaite status)!


Blogger hillgrandmom said...

Hanging in there still I know! Proud of you gal!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007  
Blogger Rohini said...

Oh no! It would have been so cool to meet you. Just mail me next time - my link is on the blog - and we should DEFINITELY meet up.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007  
Blogger Beks said...

oh chechu! i miss you so much!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007  
Blogger lawyeramma said...

Ams, thanks. As you are well aware, this crazy period just doesn't get over - what with K and croop now! Is that how it's spelt? But i'm hanging in there.

Rohini, i shall definately mail you next time. I might be coming there sometime next month, but minus K. Will anyway try and meet up.

Beksu, I miss you and ro so much fact i was just thinking about that 2 days ago and thinking that it feels like you guys have been gone for ages...and its so awful that its only been actually a couple of months and that there are soooo many more months left before we'll meet again! i wish i was rich enough to fly there and back whenever i felt like!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007  

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