Monday, October 17, 2011

Cause of Depression

I was feeling very depressed this morning and was wondering why and realised the reason was 3-fold.

1) I have nearly finished the Harry Potter series which I was hoping to save for my sabatical. I had the last 3 books to read and now I'm on the final one, which will on probability be done before the break starts.
2) Why did J.K. Rowling kill off Sirius and then Dumbledore? So now, even if Harry does kill Voldemart (which ofcourse he will), he has just lost so many people he loved and trusted!
3) Karan will be able to read the books only after a good number of years. I think they are just a bit too dark for him now.

Needless to say I spent every free moment of my 3-day weekend reading Harry Potter. Anyone reading this post, please recommend another series on these lines for my break period.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

First off, nothing compares to the sheer magic of the Potter series.. it took me a week to get over the brilliance of how J.K.Rowling ended it! I'd suggest that as much as possible read (atleast the last few chapters) of book 7 in one sitting, with as few interruptions as possible.

I agree with you that its definitely not a kids book though.. By book 3&4 it starts to get really dark and progressively darker.

My Recommendations:

Dan Brown (All of his books) Ken Follet (Again almost all his books are brilliant and also, each is different)
A Thousand Splendid Sons and Kite Runner - both for an amazing insight into the Afghan world, makes you realise how fortunate we are.
And if you like historical fiction and Indian authors - 'The Twentieth Wife' by Indu Sundaresan is pretty good. I haven't read the sequels but I've heard that they aren't as good. Twentieth wife is definitely worth a read.

A series that I definitely won't recommend - Twilight! :P

Happy Reading! Hope these were useful :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011  
Blogger lawyeramma said...

Thanks so much. Twentieth Wife sounds good....and should try Ken Follet. Have already read the others recommended by you :(

The 7th Harry Potter book is getting a little too dark even for me. I was enjoying all the school kid stuff!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011  

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