Thursday, August 26, 2010

33rd birthday, 10th anniversary & Cuz's wedding

So I turned 33 a few days ago. The birthday itself was highly uneventful, but the cool thing is that as the years go by, I find I am more and more comfortable with the birthday being uneventful. I got some awesome salwar suits from hubby and 2 pairs of blue earrings from my son. The night before the birthday Anju was over and Robs, Anj and I had a great time just chatting well into the night after the kids went to bed (sometimes, I wonder if I'm still the same person - these kind of nights spent chatting with adults, I now consider great fun!). On the day of the birthday, I managed to sneak a visit to the church and treated my colleagues to a lunch at Express Avenue, the new mall in town. By 7.30 in the evening, I was dead tired (one late night and I'm pooped the next day!) and K and I were literally begging Robs to get off the phone for a couple of mins so that we could finish cutting my cake and go to sleep! Karan was rather shocked to see me pull out my own cake from the fridge, find a knife and a candle & light it, and even start the singing!

Way way more exciting than the birthday was our 10th wedding anniversary which came 3 days later. Before blogging on the day itself, just wanted to take a minute to talk about our relationship and where we stand now.

Sigh, its been 10 years and a great 10 years at that. We both have changed so much and yet the love (which ofcourse was a heady rush when we first met and now is a mellow, tender and often taken for granted kinda love) has actually grown (although I would never have thought it possible when I first fell in love with Robs). I may be speaking only for myself here, but I feel we have learnt to appreciate each other and respect each other and our own spaces in such a fantastic yet understated way. We hardly fight nowadays cos we know exactly what ticks the other person off and decide to not broach those topics or get too much into it if it does come up. And the best thing of all (in my opinion), is that we can still, leave only stand to be around each other, actually enjoy the few moments that we can actually sneak together each day, despite the mundane, day to day responsibilities and exhaustion of pursuing our respective careers and bringing up our kids. Well I guess I can sum this up by saying, I'm really looking forward to the next 10 years!

Now back to the anniversary. I had a chance to fall in love (I mean feel the heady rush thingie I was talking about) again with Robi by hearing him sing. We had booked a day at the recording studio in kottayam where we had gone to attend my cousin's wedding. Robs and I had invited all my cousins to come and sing songs with us and all of them (who are also equally singing crazy) obliged. So we made a CD of 16 songs sung as various solos, duos, trios, group songs by all of us (nothing fabulous, but we truly had a blast making it, which was kind of the whole point anyway - infact one of my cousin's suggested that we make this a recurring event when we gather for each cousin's wedding - there are 17 of us first cousins out of which about 6 are yet to get married).

That evening was Varun's bachelor party. I heard it was pretty wild - I spent most of the time in a room with my anti-social daughter who cried a lot that evening seeing all the new faces.

The wedding functions were all great fun. I specially liked the skit (rather quiz show) which my bro and Anju put up on Varun. It was really really funny, and even today I sometimes think about some of the jokes and laugh. Having grown up on all the PJs which Achach cracks all the time, I had forgotten how funny he could actually be!

Now, I'm back to the grind, hubby in US, no one to help with the kids. Missing all my cousins and all those good times we all shared growing up on the hill! Though none of them read this blog, here's to all of them and the wonderful wonderful memories I have growing up with them. And here's to my terrific Robs who I am missing terribly!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good to read this.

Thursday, August 26, 2010  
Blogger Divs said...

Awww..nice post (I came over from Rohini's blog and liked your first post). Hugs and congrats to you on your bday and anniversary. I am sure you miss your hubby so! Hope he's back soon.

Monday, August 30, 2010  
Blogger Rohini said...

Happy bIrthday and anniversary! And yeah, uneventful is good. We are getting old :)

Monday, August 30, 2010  

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