Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Lots of free time at last

This is my very first blog......and I umm dont know where to start....the thing is I am too bothered about what people will say and think if I completely let myself go out here, and write whatever the bloody hell I feel like....not to say that I dont have any thoughts which might be of interest to someone. I dont think I was like this always...infact I was quite a rebel in my teens. Now I've become a mom, and I feel I have to kind of maintain a decorum for my son's sake.....else what will he think of his mom?

Well, I have been fighting the urge to start a blog, with the fear that someone I know may stumble upon it....and also cos I'm so screwed that I dont even want people I dont know to know the real me!...I mean how f**cked up is that?

Then you may ask why on earth I am doing this....well I kinda like the idea of sharing thoughts with strangers, and I have seen how people sitting in absolutely different corners of the world become such good friends from just reading their blogs....sharing makes everythign you are going through so normal, which is just what I could use right now.....that's what'sactually drawn me to finally start my own blog..that and some free time at last....being a working mom, really saps the energy out of you! and oh, and one more reason is that I love people and getting to know strangers....so I'm hoping that through my blog, I'll probably get to know some people intimately without having to schedule time for dinners and lunches (something I dont have much of) to nurture and maintain the friendship.

So here I am...looking forward to getting to know some people and making some friends!