Tuesday, December 11, 2007

And He's Finally In!

So Karan has finally made it to a play school. I visited several ones, took Robi along to see a few. I loved one, but it was pretty expensive and everyone around seemed to suggest that it was ridiculous to pay so much for a playschool. So anyway we now have joined Vruksha, which is a montissori play school - simple and nice and looks like a lot of fun.....it had a really nice feel to it which I cant exactly put in words. I am feeling more thrilled about this, than I probably should be....but I am usually so disorganised with all my personal stuff (although I am organised on the work front) and constantly being reminded about it by Robi, that I am glad that I haven't screwed this one up for my son.

I not only identified a playschool on my own, I managed to enroll K at the right age of 2 1/2 years (well atleast I'm not late) and just in time (K was the second last vacancy in the Jan-Batch) and he can now be there for 1 year before he joins Sishya in 2009 Jan for his LKG. Hey and I even managed to get K to sit still to take his passport size photograph for school purposes and also to locate his birth certificate without any effort! (Self-pat on the back, and I'm sure anyone else who chances on this blog will think that I'm making much ado about nothing, but seriously people, this is huge for me!)

Now to give the little kiddo his fair share of praise. ......There was no formal interview as such. My toddler, whose always pretty sociable, stood outside the closed door of the classroom on his first visit there (while his amma was sitting in the office filling out forms), banged on the door and yelled "open the door". He was let in and he quickly joined in singing songs with the rest of the kids! The teacher also asked him a few questions like name the people in Magic Hat and what is your Mama's name and father's name. I was a little embarassed when he answered "Sausages" to her question of "what did you have for breakfast", but it just goes to show that you cant coach these lil ones to say anything you want them to say and we better start living like paragons of virtue in order to avoid more embarassing situations in future!

Anyway K is scheduled to join on Jan 7th when the term begins. I believe that we will get our "Welcome Kit" sometime next week. Wonder what that will contain.

So, to sum up, He's Finally In...whew! Only sad part, K can unfortunately not pronounce the name of his school....come on with a name like "Vruksha" what do you expect these poor kids to do!