Monday, January 10, 2011

My bros! Some rambling thoughts.

I have seriously no idea what brought on this post, and if I re-read it, I know there would be nothing in it, which was absolutely blog-worthy. But.......nonetheless......just going to jot down some random thoughts.

I was talking to Ro the other day and going on and on (or atleast starting to do so) when Robs came and said that I better hang up and get on to skype if I wanted a longer chat. Anyway that got me thinking about how much I miss him and our long chats. Ro and I are just a year and a half apart and were always always really really close. We grew up together, and by that I mean we did everything together. He is the genius of the family (or is it Achach?) He claims I was also very possessive about him and that care of that, I never liked any of his girlfriends. Hogwash I say! I liked Beks a lot didn't I? Ro, is a softy, openly emotional, passionate and obsessive to the point of being crazy about his obsessions. Sometimes, I see that in Karan and think God bless Amma for having put up with it and Beks for putting up with it now.

Achach on the other hand is also obsessive, but his obsessions dont last very long. Being nearly 4 years older than me and always make fun of us (more Ro than me), he didn't feature as much in the earlier parts of my years as did Ro. But in and around his 11th and 12th I started seeing him for the person he was - a brave soul trying to keep a cheery disposition, despite all his physical problems. Achach is funny, crazy talented and admire him in oh so many ways. With both of them, I always feel that I am the black sheep, the least intelligent and least tallented, but perhaps the most stable...well I guess normal people are that. I have never achieved anything spectacular and dont expect to either...but both of them have and am certain will achieve even greater things in life.

While Ro, is the die-hard romantic, you may have to beat Achach with a stick to awaken a romantic muscle in him (if there is one - Anj, hats off to you for putting up with him). Achach maintains a macho exterior and never shows any emotion (in fact he makes fun of those of us who do), whereas Ro is sensitive and all out there. Being my younger bro, I was (and still am) crazy protective about Ro. I once thought I would never feel that way about Achach, but strangely I am ever so protective about him.

Achach and Ro, I know neither of you read my blog, but I wanted to tell you (if I die and you chance upon this blog) that you guys are the best bros a girl could have. I loved the time we spent together growing up and specially the time in England and all the times we had together in Mumbai. We have grown older (and sadly not much wiser since then), but I so miss the times when we used to joblessly hang out....the card playing sessions, family holidays, arguments, singing, 3B days, wonderful food in Bandra....Oh and thanks so much for picking Anj and Beks to be your wives [and I thank God that they agreed to marry you :)]. They are simply the bestest!