Thursday, June 28, 2007

Tribute to my husband

I have been thinking about dedicating a post to Robi- my sweet husband and Karan's loving father - who is much too often taken for granted by me, almost everyone actually. This particular post is dedicated more to Robi as my husband in his role as a father. (uh...does that make any sense?)

There are many things I take for granted about Robi "helping out" with K - which I shall continue to take for granted because I am quite a feminist and I believe that since I am working too and since he is as much a parent as I am, he should do and its only common sense that work will get done faster if responsibilities are divided. These "taken for granted things" include 1. the fact that if Robi is around, he always washes K's butt after he has done potty. 2. Most of the times, Robi gives K his morning bath. 3. Most of the time, Robi makes K's milk at night. And the good thing is that Robi and Karan take these things for granted also - like the other day when K crapped and offered to pick him up, he says - "Appa, potty".

But there are other things which i almost take for granted about Robi - almost till i step back and compare him to other men i know and then I realise that i am lucky. I just wanted to list out some of the things out here.

1. For one, when i am ill - even if its a headache, Robi always steps in and looks after K. He has even rushed home from work on a few very busy days to help out when I have complained of a severe headache. I know I am lucky cos I have seen many women chugging along even through much higher degrees of ill-health looking after their kids, and anyone who has looked after a 2-year old knows that its a very taxing and wearing out experience.

2. On nights when K is absolutely refusing to go to sleep - he doesn't like sleeping most nights, but i am talking about the really bad days, robi always offers to take him for a drive - earlier we used to take him together. Now robi straps him into the passenger seat and leans it really back, and karan's usually out in 5-10 minutes.

3. Robi came with me to Bangalore and looked after K while I went for the Aerosmith concert. At first I didn't think that was a big deal cos he had gone for the iron maiden concert earlier in the year, when i stayed back with K. But after not less than 15 people commented on how cool it was that I got to go for the concert while my husband stayed back etc etc., i thought about it, and decided that i didn't know any other person who had done that (and i cant think of too many who would).

4. we have both become very unfit lately and have been repeatedly making plans to work out, although the timing was the big issue - obviously we cant go in the evening - me cos K has to be taken care of, and Robi, cos he usually works pretty late. mornings are also not possible since then there would be no one to look after K. But last week, based on my request, Robi has been sweet enough to let me go the gym every morning while he stays at home and looks after K. His sleep and sometimes his work (he tries to get some work done in the morning) gets a little sacrificed some days - but he is genuinely happy to see me so satsified after a work-out session. He really is such a darling.

5. we dont get much time and privacy for romance these days - but we try to stay up a bit longer and cuddle or spend some QT with each other every day after K goes to sleep and usually its robi who initiates this.

6. At some get-togethers Robi doesn't drink much, so that I can drink and act irresponsibly and he is there to take care of me and K. For anyone who knows Robi, they would know that this is a huge sacrifice!

I may not have said much out here to make any one else reading this blog think that my husband does anything out of the ordinary....but he sure makes me feel special and lucky, and I am so thankful that he is my husband and the father of my son!

Although, its not related to this post, I have put up a pic of the 3 of us taken at the A'Famosa water park in Malaysia.
Now, I really need to find time to put up a post on K's second birthday.