Monday, July 16, 2007

The farewell!

So rohit and beks left last night. the last few days ro had been staying with "his family" while beks was staying with hers. on the very last day both of them spent a little time with each others' families and we also had a joint lunch together. the whole day was a bit gloomy and then the actual farewell was a very tearful affair. i sniffed a little...but rohit, amma and appa howled and beks cried a little (my family's huge on crying!). beks was trying to convince her folks to cry atleast a little so that she had people on her side to cry as well! :) well beks proved that she had truly become a part of our family by crying nicely - she keeps blaming us for her having become a our books, that's a compliment.

appa was terrrribly depressed - he said he felt like a very close friend had left. amma was too, but i think appa was worse off....anyway i took the day off today with the hope of cheering up appa and amma. i think it worked a little specially cos karan was there to keep everybody busy and entertained.

ok, i know its probably not such a big deal for sons, daughters or siblings to be in different continents...but just to give a little background, the longest any of us (and i mean my parents and my two brothers) have been away from each other is 3 months. i know this is really good for ro and stuff.....but still from a more selfish point of view....hmmm....i do hope they dont decide to settle down there.

my baby brother and i have been very very close since we were small..just one and a half years age gap between us - so we used to have a blast from the time we were small and have always stayed the best of friends. and now it feels really weird that he's going to be miles and miles away and that i probably wont see him for the next 2 years!

i know there's the internet and skype and stuff - but its still not the same as hanging out an evening and singing songs on the guitar or watching the simpsons or hearing ro and beks bitch about our t.v, fridge and washing machine!

appa and amma just left for kottayam - karan, achach and robi have gone to drop them and i thought that the best way to deal with my emotions was to pour them out here. i feel a bit better now, after all my ramblings.

farwell ro and beks! here's wishing you guys a wonderful time in south bend!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My second birthday - By Karan Isaac

Hey people, I turned 2 on June 13, 2007 and made this collage of my birthay which happened nearly a month ago.....amma's only putting it up now nearly a month after my birthday!!

Hello, its my birthday today - i wonder what's in store for me today...

Oh look! They've put up balloons all over the house!

Now I'm off to church and some birthday shopping with amma.

I better put these toys away cos I'm feeling sleepy and amma says that I've got to get some sleep (ugh!) before the party.

Its PARTY TIME! Here I am climbing up the slide at Magic Hat with my friend Adithya (from mouche class) climbing right next to me

Wow, the lion cake I picked out looks really neat and AMMA ofcourse I know how to blow out the candle. PLEASE!

See, I told you.

Here are some of my friends and their mothers sitting down to enjoy my birthday meal! I ofcourse had no time to sit and eat and waste precious minutes of my birthday! Too bad rc ammacha and anju couldn't make it!

OK, so I cant get enough of this candle blowing thing - so Appa and Amma let me blow out my candle off my half eaten cake 3 times again in the night just before I went to bed.

My birthday sure was fun....but hey, check out all the loot I got!