Monday, January 12, 2009

Procrastination and K's 3rd birthday pics!

I feel ashamed to call myself a blogger, cos I have completely disappeared from blogospehere other than commenting on my favourite blogs. so many blogs have formed in my head - some very personal ones, but I just never got myself to posting...either because they were a little too personal or because I was busy with something else.

While I'm really prompt for all office stuff (and even absolutely hate it when my colleagues delay stuff), I am a severe procrastinator when it comes to home and personal stuff like getting stuff repaired in the house, filing complaints with the furniture store for our cracked furniture, updating my blog....the list just goes on an on. Heck I even postpone discussing things that are upsetting/bothering me with my mom and Robs (my two main confidantes these days) till I know both they and I have sufficient time to spare...

Any idea whether this procastrination on the home front is a sign of something?? Better still, any suggestions on how to improve?

Anyway, here are pics of K's birthday (theme was blue), which was like over 6 months ago, which I finally got round to uploading just yesterday!!