Tuesday, June 14, 2011

You really appreciate your mother...

1. When she blindly takes your side when you call her and screams out to your older bro to stop bugging you. (Sorry Achach, guess she was more or less correct most of the time!)

2. When she gives up her sleep at night to massage your aching feet (night after night during the rainy season!)

3. When she cleans and bandages up your eye (although she must be cursing under her breath at having been woken up from her sleep by her silly daughter) when you have been wounded in a bike accident by foolishly cycling with your big dog tied to it.

4. When she lets you throw more parties for your friends than any other friends' mom.

5. When she tells you how proud she is of you, when you have done absolutely nothing spectacular!

6. When she lets you live your life without too many restrictions (there were some ofcourse which I rebelled crazily against) despite the fact that there were very few other mothers in the close-knit society that we live in who would dream of letting their daughters do the things I was allowed to do.

7. When she knows about your crushes and how your hubby was "the one" for you even before you knew it!

8. When she never lets you down or criticises you in front of other people despite knowing that you may be wrong.

9. When she selflessly stays up at night looking after your crying new borns even though she was with you in hospital spending just as many sleepless nights as you before that.

10. When she is ready to rush to you when you need to travel on work or you or your kids are unwell.

11. When she calls you after not having spoken to you for 2 days and says "its been such a long time since we spoke".

12. When she enthusiastically plans a holiday for the family (which includes you) with practically no input from you.

13. When she supports you in the decisions you take about your children even if her own views are very different.

14. When she cries when you sing with her.

15. When she stands up for what she believes in and is not afraid to speak out.

16. For your value systems which have come from year's of her conditioning.

17. For having boundless energy and being resourceful.

18. For letting it slip once in a while [:)] that you and your kids are her top priority.

19. For the nights she stayed up baking cakes to surprise you when you woke up, specially now when you know she hates cooking!

20. For being so talented and yet so understated.

21. For always believing in me and teaching me to be independent and believe in myself.

22. For always having time for me.

23. For being so modern and yet the small-town-girl.

24. For being a fantabulous grandmother.

I had drafted this post a while ago and forgotten to publish it. Also been meaning to do a post on the US trip...but there's so much to write...