Monday, October 17, 2011

Cause of Depression

I was feeling very depressed this morning and was wondering why and realised the reason was 3-fold.

1) I have nearly finished the Harry Potter series which I was hoping to save for my sabatical. I had the last 3 books to read and now I'm on the final one, which will on probability be done before the break starts.
2) Why did J.K. Rowling kill off Sirius and then Dumbledore? So now, even if Harry does kill Voldemart (which ofcourse he will), he has just lost so many people he loved and trusted!
3) Karan will be able to read the books only after a good number of years. I think they are just a bit too dark for him now.

Needless to say I spent every free moment of my 3-day weekend reading Harry Potter. Anyone reading this post, please recommend another series on these lines for my break period.