Monday, April 26, 2010

A busy month!

April has been a busy month for us!

For one, Karan had his Sports Day. He got a Grade A for his participation in the activities that day....we are not sure what exactly that means.

Here's our UKG-B Sports boy!

For another, it was Robi's birthday.

The cake was extra small given that we were not growing any thinner. Here's my 35 year old husband with his greatest achievements till date.

And then Kavya had her first hair cut (a la RC Ammacha and Anju ammai), Karan's school closed for the summer holidays and we went on a vacation to Mahabs.

Here's a picture of Karan & Kavya lazing on the pool chairs in Temple Bay (Kavya sporting her new hairsytle),

one of Kavya enjoying her first swim
and one of Karan swimming on his own. As you can see it was pretty much a pool holiday and I kept quipping to Karan about how he had started to grow gills!

Last but not least, Karan and I had our first game of serious Pictionary. Well, I was looking at the cards and drawing pictures for him to guess and he was just drawing pictures. He got to move forward spaces if I guessed correctly and I got to move forward if he guessed mine correctly. Here are some of my favourite pictures that K drew. Chicken Soup & Mango Duet (I guessed both) and Christmas Tree (which I guessed) & Setting Sun (which I didn't)

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

I'm 6 months old (by Kavya) and My easter weekend (by Karan)


Hey! So I completed 6 months today at 12.24 p.m. Amma dressed me up a little more than usual and ordered a special heart cake for me, which we cut in Magic Hat. I can now roll over really nicely and am attempting to do a belly crawl. Things I love now:

1. Music - my favourite songs are "I want to break free", "Bubbly", Twinkle Twinkle" and "If you're happy and you know it".
2. Hanging out with my Appa, Amma and Achacha (and preferably no one else).
3. Fruits - I've just started eating solids and love all the fruits introduced to me till date (dont tell Amma this, but I love them cos they are sweet!)

Since, I cant really talk, I will leave you with some pictures of me. You can read on about my Achacha's easter weekend which will be a lot more detailed cos Achach CAN talk - more than anyone else I know!


I had a really special easter weekend. Here are snippets of it. I hate making anything concise, but Amma's a lazy I'll have to settle for the snippets.

Thursday - Actually the weekend didn't exactly start on Thursday cos I had school. But I still did some fun things which I wanted to tell you about. After school, I went to Laksh's birthday party with Amma and Kavya. The party was at the Railway Museum and was quite awesome. The highlight for me was the toy train on which I got to ride twice! I got a fantastic train shaped clock as a take home gift and incidentally also got a new pair of shoes (cos on the way there, we realised that I did not have any shoes on!) After the party, when I was getting all tired and ready to get into bed, the bell rang. Thinking it was Appa returning from Mumbai, I went to the door and when Amma opened it, it was Ammachy standing there! What a surprise! Appacha and Ammachy had come for the weekend. A little later Appa also landed up. This weekend was starting off really well.

Friday - I woke up bright and early (as I'm always prone to do on weekends!) and did various fun things with my grandparents. I missed church in the afternoon with Appa, Amma and Kavya cos I had fallen asleep. After an early evening snooze, Kochammachy and Aditya came home for a while. Was a good day at home with Arts & Crafts and all.

Saturday - Another early day for me because its my MOVIE DAY ofcourse! So I watched some movies and we ordered from Sangeetha. Do you know they make the best Dosas in the world! After Dosas, we went to the fish mall (which Appa and Amma call Chennai City Centre). Aditya and Kochammmachy also joined us. We went to Landmark and picked up a few cool story books and Arts & Crafts books for me. Arts & Crafts is my favourite pastime these days. After landmark, I got to play for a whole hour in the children's play area. There was a climbing thing, a slide and some jumping things. It was so much fun! I then had a yummy mango milkshake and KFC chicken and french fries. Then Appa and I quickly sneaked back upstairs to the children's play area for a quick game of car racing! Appa and I came first when we raced the Red Car.
Was pretty tired after the time at the Mall and went to bed pretty early. But only after Ammachy and I made a vanilla cake together. Amma said it was yummy, but I realised I dont really like cakes, although I like to think I do.

Sunday - I was woken up really early and dragged to church for the easter service. Wasn't happy at first, but after continuing to sleep almost through the entire service, I was quite happy and cheerful when I finally did wake up. After a breakfast of egg and sausages, I sat with Amma and painted the fish poster, which we had bought from Landmark yesterday. It is looking so nice, but we haven't finished it yet cos its sooo big. Then we went to this hotel for lunch. They had a jumping thing there (Amma says that its called a bouncing castle) and face painting and balloon animals. Wow! I also incidentally got to eat some pepperoni pizza, appam & chicken curry and some mango ice-cream (eating was not a priority at all. I mean how can it be when there's so many fun things to do instead). I got Aunty to make me a blue cat balloon for me and an orange giraffe for Kavya. I weaved in and out of the big children while they bounced on the bouncing castle. Was so much fun. Kochappacha, Kochammachy, Aditya and Appuchach came home for easter dinner. It was fun, but I wasn't too happy with Appa and Amma for making me go to bed early on some silly excuse of there being school tomorrow!

But all in all, a great weekend!