Monday, September 20, 2010

Wisdom and Spirituality from a 5 year old

Here are some conversations with my 5 year old, which gave me a lot of food for thought.

1. Every night when we pray, Karan keeps asking me to pray for the things he wants (like help he requires with his dance practice in school etc.). One such day, I told him that he should directly speak to Jesus (and not ask me to pray for him) as Jesus has a special place in his heart for little children. So he immediately asks me "How about adults?". "Well he listen to their prayers too?" "Yes", says I, "but he has a special place in his heart for the lil ones". Karan's instantaneous wise reply "So if I'm special to Jesus now, how about when I grow up?" and "What if when I grow up my children are bad and I'm really good, will Jesus love them more than he loves me?"

2. "You keep saying we should help those who are poorer than us, then how come you don't give any money to beggars when we pass them on the road?"

3. When K had taken two days leave to attend my cousin's wedding, his friend asked him why he was off attending marriages when he should be in school. His reply "My amma's cousin would have felt bad if we didn't go, cos he was a close cousin. Like I felt bad when my ammacha (uncle) missed my 5th birthday. But unlike a birthday which comes every year, and therefore missing one is not too bad, you get married only once and if you miss it you cant make up in the next year!" When he repeated this to me, I felt really bad for having missed weddings of some really close friends.

4. I was reading to K from his book on "Famous Places" and we came across a picture of the statue of Christ in Rio De Jeneiro. The writing under the picture said that the statue was built to welcome tourists and also to save the local people. Karan looks at me rather disgustedly and says "how silly to build a statue to save people. How can a statue which just stands there still actually save people?"

5. Still reading the "Famous Places" book we see the picture of Taj Mahal and read the history of how Shah Jahan was so sad when his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal died that he built the Taj in her memory. K's query: "Is Shah Jahan also dead now?" On hearing a reply in the affirmative, his reply "Oh then he is no longer sad, because he and Mumtaz are together again in heaven".

6. Karan and his maternal grandfather were watching a documentary on the life of Christopher Reeves when they heard someone mentioning that Mr. Reeves was his hero. So Appacha and Ammachy asked Karan who his hero was. Is it appa? is it appacha? His thought out reply - "God, cos he's the only one who can really save you."

7. "Karan will you sleep with Appacha and Ammachy today?" asks his Appacha. "No", comes his immediate reply, I will only sleep with my Amma. "How about when you're older?" asks Appacha. "When I'm old, you will be in heaven Appacha". After laughing for a considerable amount of time, Appacha asks, "how about when you also come to heaven?" My appa and amma will be there by then, and I will sleep with them in heaven!

8. "Amma, do you love Jesus or Kavya and me more?" I had to admit that that one was too tough for me to answer.

9. Karan: "If God made you and God made me, who made God?"
Me: "No one. He was always there"
I could make out he was not at all convinced with this answer. Two days later while I was giving him a bath, he says out of the blue "I have a good idea. When you go to heaven, you ask God where he came from, ok?" "Sure K, but you'll have to wait till you get to heaven to get the answer to that one!" I feel terribly smart cos I have replied wisely to my 5 year old and give myself a pat on the back.

10. Karan: Is God or heaven bigger? (then answers by himself) Must be Heaven since God lives there. But then who made heaven?
Me: God
Karan: Where did he live till heaven was made? And isn't it cool that he made so many things bigger than him?

11. I will get to see dinosaurs in heaven.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My first salary

I remember the first time I earned a salary. It was for being an usher for a Davis Cup tournament in Delhi - India versus Sweden (I think). This was in my second year of college, when I was 19. I made a princely sum of Rs. 150 per day (which totaled to 450 rupees in all), which coupled with a front seat row view of Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupathi winning the doubles was quite a great reward. This being my first ever salary, I decided to treat my parents to a dinner at Vembanad Lake Resort in Kottayam (a pretty fancy place). Dinner together with a drink which my dad had, cost me 500 bucks (I remember thinking that it was lucky I had saved 50 bucks of my pocket money from last month). Thankfully, my dad offered to pay the tip to the waiter!

Karan got his first salary at the ripe old age of 5 when he is in UKG! He got it for being a "art teacher" at Doll's House (the play school where my mum teaches). As the teacher, Karan had to draw a picture for the kids to colour and make 8 identical copies of the picture (since there were 8 of them). He did quite a nice picture (unfortunately I dont have a copy with me). The picture had lots of grass and several buds and a nice little sun and was titled (not surprisingly) "buds and grass". He also graded the completed pictures ranging from "good" to "very good". Ruby aunty, the principal of Doll's House gave him 10 bucks for his efforts, which after some consideration and based on suggestions was spent on 2 sip-ups (4 bucks a piece). (Sip-ups are these cool frozen juice like thingie, which were big when I was small and cost 50 paise a piece then!)

I wonder when he will earn his next salary and when it will be Robs' and my turn to get taken out to a fancy dinner a la Karan!